About Me

As a cartoonist I’ve been drawing cartoons for more than 20 years, although it’s only within the last ten or so that I’ve been ‘getting them out in the world’ in a more organised manner.

I’m a great believer in the power of laughter and I think we all need to laugh more! That doesn’t mean I only deal with light and whimsical topics, although I do love simply silly stuff at times. But I also enjoy expressing my concerns and observations on social, equity and justice issues through the medium of cartoons.

So I hope I make people laugh, as well as perhaps cry, and certainly I hope people think a little more about their lives and our bigger world.

More than 500 of my cartoons have been published in a range of publications including:

• newspapers and magazines – The Sydney Morning Herald; Eureka Street; Australian Senior Traveller; Reading Time; 50s Lifestyle; and I produced a weekly cartoon, for six months, for The Advocate;

• special interest newsletters and literary anthologies – Accord, the Journal of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia; Eingana, the Journal of the Victorian Association for Environmental Education; Pendulum; and Fables and Reflections;

• corporate and non-fiction publications – Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee, produced by the Coffee Academy; Diversity Matters, published by the Diversity Council Australia; a La Trobe University guide for students with disabilities; and in the two non-fiction books for writers that I co-authored with Rhonda Whitton (A Decent Proposal. How to sell your book to an Australian publisher or literary agent and Mission Possible. How to make money from your writing); plus

• various mounted cartoons, greeting cards and calendars.

My first cartoon exhibition, A Little Whimsy, was part of the 2003 Daylesford Words in Winter Festival. During the exhibition I launched a collection of my cartoons, Pet Hates. Little things that make your blood boil! These cartoons take a humorous look at the little things in life that irritate us – from political correctness to school bullies, from rodents in the roof to lousy drivers, and from strip clubs to coping with teenagers. This collection continues to grow and in 2010 I started a daily blog as a way of building my collection. In August 2010 I held my second exhibition, Cartoon Capers, which featured 100 of my most recent pet hates cartoons. By the end of 2010 I had completed 365 and I’m slowly (and sporadically) continuing until the ideas are all exhausted… maybe I’ll get to the 1001 I sometimes talk about!

I have also produced cartoons for the Victorian Women’s Trust (www.vwt.org.au) and for their amazing Watermark project, which brought together ordinary people to discuss water issues and to explore how we, as a community, want to manage this vital resource into the future (www.watermarkaustralia.org.au).

My latest project has involved drawing cartoons for author Hazel Edward’s latest book, Authorprenuership. The business of creativity (www.hazeledwards.com).

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